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These Are The best Magnet Fishing Finds 2020

A photo of some magnet fishing finds from a river

I am sure many of you who are thinking about starting magnet fishing are wondering what you may find.

That is one of the most exciting parts of magnet fishing. Feeling a heavy lump clink onto your magnet, slowly pulling it in. The suspense is almost unbearable!

Well in this guide we are going to look at some of the magnet fishing finds that you are likely to get. From the plain old scrap metal, right through to the holy grail, the deposit box and weapons cache.

Yes it is a fact that we will never find gold or silver with a magnet because these metals are not magnetic. But iron can still be great fun!

Common magnet fishing finds.

This section is going to have some of the more common finds that you will get. They may not be exciting, well maybe mildly exciting but you have to take the rough with the smoothie in this hobby.

Some of the more common magnet fishing finds are:

  • Nuts, bolts and screws.
  • Angle iron and off cuts of iron.
  • Conduit and other steel pipe.
  • Grocery trolleys.
  • Random sheets of metal.
  • Iron railings and old gates.

That is just a tiny selection of the common magnet fishing finds. It really is unbelievable when you see some of the scrap metal that you will pull in. I am often left thinking how the heck did that get in there.

Now let’s have a look at some of the much more exciting finds.

The best magnet fishing finds.

Here we go, this is the list of magnet fishing finds that we all dream about. There is nothing better than seeing one of these items surfacing from the deep and cloudy waters.

If you find any of these items you have hit the big leagues so congratulations!

  • Scooters and motorcycles.
  • Old knives.
  • Guns and ammunition (singular or a weapons hoard).
  • Cash deposit box (filled with money is best).
  • Purses and handbags.
  • Grenades and other random explosives.
  • Old street signs are quite are quite a favourite.
  • Cash register or till depending on where you are reading this.

The above represents the best magnet fishing finds and when you do get one I can promise you the adrenaline rush is something else.

How often will you get a good find?

I get asked this question a lot. As you can imagine it is quite a difficult one to give an accurate answer too.

I tend to get one good find every time I go magnet fishing. By this I mean a knife or something like that. However the top finds like cash registers and deposit boxes are far more rarer.

If you try to magnet fish in rivers and canals or even lakes that are close by very populated areas your finds rate will increase significantly. You will find that a lot of the cash boxes are found where there are a lot of shops and stores near by. This is because the scum thieves who steal them grab them and then dispose of it in near by water to hide their crimes.

I bet they did not expect us to be dredging them up from the waters!

Some finds other people have made.

This would not be a magnet fishing finds guide if I didn’t include some photos and videos of the crazy thing that people have found.

These are just a small selection from news headlines and off YouTube.

I hope it gives you the inspiration and excitement that you need to start taking part in this amazing hobby.

A photo of some magnet fishing finds including cannonballs and weapons
These are some of the crazy magnet fishing finds that have been made around the world.

Above are some of the crazy finds people have made when they went magnet fishing. As you can see there is a huge selection including machine guns, cannonballs and enigma code breaking machine and other cool finds!

If you would like to read more about these finds then have a look at this newspaper article .

In the above video the holy grail of magnet fishing finds is found twice! That is right the guy finds to safes in one magnet fishing trip. Now that is really lucky.

I think there is time for one more video. The one below is one of my favourites and is by the UK’s DrasticG.

This guy seems to find the most amazing finds every time he goes out. I know you will enjoy this video


There is absolutely no doubt that you will be amazed by some of the magnet fishing finds that you will make.

There is just so much metal in our waterways and by getting it out we are not only having fun but we are also helping the environment. It is a win win situation.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this finds guide and if you have why not check out my magnet fishing guide.