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These Are The Best Magnet Fishing Tips 2020

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Over the years I have made mistakes when I have gone magnet fishing and I have learnt from them. I have also fathomed out some pretty cool tips.

The aim of this guide is to teach you some of the best magnet fishing tips that I have learnt over the years.

Hopefully some of them will be new to you and you will learn something that helps you in the hobby.

Tip #1: Don’t buy a magnet that is too powerful.

Thats right there is such a thing as a magnet that is to powerful.

The best thing to do is aim for a magnet with around 400-800lb of pulling force. Unless of course that you know there is a huge find down in the waters and you need the extra power to pull it out.

The reason that you do not want to get one that is too powerful is that it can be difficult to handle.

You constantly need to be thinking about your surroundings because if you get too close to any metal with it in your hand you will end up with a nasty injury.

Also if it does accidentally connect with something such as the steel underside of a bridge it is a pain to get it back off.

Very powerful magnets are very, very heavy as well. stick with something smaller and more manageable, you will not regret it! If you would like to see my recommendations for a new magnet check out the magnet fishing kit page.

Tip #2: Check your rope.

This one seems obvious I am sure, but I have fallen foul to it myself.

Make sure that before you head off out you have checked over your rope for any cuts or knicks in it.

Once when I was starting out I had been magnet fishing at a spot that had a little ledge that I had to pull the magnet up from. After the day was complete my rope had started to break after without me noticing. I never checked it at the start of the next session and after a few throws my magnet snagged on a submerged branch, I pulled away from the snag and my rope snapped. If I had of checked I would of noticed the damage and changed it, instead I lost my magnet!

A photo showing some frayed magnet fishing rope
Check your rope for any cuts or fraying, it will save your magnet.

Tip #3: Tie a strong knot.

This is a continuation of the last tips theme.

One of the biggest reasons that I have heard people talk about when they lose a magnet is that their knot failed. It is an easy mistake to make.

If you tie a really good and strong knot though you will not have this problem. Our magnet are really strong and quite heavy and this puts a lot of strain on your rope, if the knot that connects them is bad it is a weak point in your set up.

The only knot that I tie and highly recommend is the Palomar knot. If your not sure how to tie it check out this helpful guide that I wrote.

Tip #4: Save up all your scrap finds.

This is a pretty cool magnet fishing tip because it helps the environment but also helps your wallet.

Save up every bit of scrap metal that you find and take it home with you. Build up this pile of scrap metal over time and then you can take it to a scrap yard and weight it in.

Most scrap yards will pay you for your metal. It will not be much but over time it will easily pay for your next magnet purchase.

Tip #5: Use a grappling hook for awkward finds.

Although they are not essential grappling hooks make our hobby so much easier. I would not leave home for a magnet fishing trip without it now!

They are particularly useful for finds like bikes and motorcycles which have thin and rounded frames as magnets can easily slip off.

All you need to do in this situation is cast in your grappling hook and it will latch onto and pull in the find with absolute ease.

If you would like to see my recommended grappling hook and rope have a look at the equipment page.

Below is a quick video of someone using a grappling hook to get their awkward find in.

Tip #6: Always wear a good pair of safety gloves.

Gloves are an essential part of our magnet fishing equipment. I still see so many people not wearing them though and it sends shivers down my spine.

Magnet fishing tip 6 is to always wear gloves. Anything is better than nothing but if possible get some cut resistant and waterproof gloves. It is so easy to cut yourself on a find and get an infection from the dirty water.

You only get one pair of hands! Head on over to the kit page for my favourite gloves.

Tip #7: Research your local areas.

Do you want your finds rate to go through the roof with good finds? In that case do some research.

This is one of the best magnet fishing tips there is.

Ask the older generation if they know of any activity that went on in the past around the waters near you. Study old maps to looks for areas of interest and find old bridges.

By doing things like this we can pinpoint the best areas to try magnet fishing and with this more, and better finds will come.

Tip #8: Try magnet fishing under a bridge.

This one is amazing. If you find a bridge you have to give it a go under there, in fact you should be actively searching for bridges.

They are literally finds hotspots. Just like in all the food gangster movies criminals like to dispose of their evidence of the side of a bridge and into the deep waters below. I mean who would ever find it there?

I bet that they were not expecting us to go magnet fishing there!

A photo of an old bridge like in this magnet fishing tip
Try magnet fishing under and old bridge, it is one of my favourite tips.

Have a look at this news article about a boy who magnet fished off a bridge hoping to find coins but ended up with a grenade!

Tip #9: Slow and steady wins the race.

I know personally how exciting it is to feel a heavy metal lump click onto your magnet. The adrenaline starts pumping and you want to reel it in to see what you have found.

However it is at the moment that most finds are lost and it becomes the one that got away!

In this magnet fishing tip I am telling you that it is best to go slow, really slow. There are lots of obstacles on the river beds that can dislodge the find from the magnet.

Pull it in slowly and gently and you will find that you get your prize every time.

Tip #10: Have a little patience.

I know how frustrating it can be to keep throwing the magnet out and reeling it in to find nothing on the end.

Been there, done that. But try to have a little patience and stick with the hobby, don’t give up.

The best thing about magnet fishing is that you never know what you are going to find next. Your next throw could be that safe or weapons hoard.

Above all else get out there as often as you can and have some fun.

If you enjoyed this guide why not check out another. I recommend having a look at our magnet fishing guide as it is full of helpful tips and information.