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5 Of The Best Magnets For Magnet Fishing 2020

A photo of the best magnet for magnet fishing

Magnet fishing is becoming an insanely popular hobby, people all over the world are enjoy it.

Here in the US we are spoilt for choice with the vast select of different fishing magnets available. Whilst this is great it can often be confusing leading us to ask

“Which is the best magnet for magnet fishing?”

So with that in mind this guide is going to have a little bit about the type of magnet you should look out for. Then I will tell you my top 5 best magnets for magnet fishing.

The best magnet for magnet fishing.

When it comes to choosing the best magnet for magnet fishing there is only one type to look out for.

The best type of magnet to use for magnet fishing is a Neodymium magnet. These magnets are super powerful for their size and weight. They are also very durable which makes them absolutely perfect for casting out and pulling back in without the worry of damaging it.

In the past I have tried other types of magnets such as the ferrite magnets. What I found is although they are far cheaper they are ultimately a lot more inferior. The power to weight ratio is terrible and they are very brittle which means that they damage very easily.

So when searching for your next fishing magnet be sure to make sure that it is made of neodymium and hopefully grade N52 or higher.

These are the best magnets for magnet fishing.

Now I am going to show you 5 of my favourite magnets. These in my opinion are the best magnets for magnet fishing on the market right now and they will all do you well.

There will be a variety of different prices so that there is one for every budget. All are neodymium and not that ferrite rubbish.

Best magnet #1

This magnet comes as part of a kit and is very reasonably priced. It has 450lb of pulling force which makes it kind of on the lower side but more than enough for any kind of general magnet fishing.

If you are looking to get into this hobby on a tight budget this could be the magnet for you. It is neodymium and comes with strong rope and also a decent pair of safety gloves.

If you would like to see the current price click the image below which will take you straight to the amazon listing.

Best magnet #2

This next magnet is one of my personal favourites for a number of reasons.

It is slightly more powerful than the last magnet at 500lb of pull force and again is made from neodymium.

It comes with some very good quality rope, a scraper to help pry the magnet off in case it accidentally attracts to something that you do not want it to.

The last thing it comes with is a tough safety carry box. For me this is great as it really does make it safer and easier to transport around.

I recommend this magnet for anyone as it really is that good. Click the image and take a look at the Amazon listing for it.

Best magnet #3

This next magnet is a little more upgraded from the one above.

Again it comes with the rope, eyebolt and the all important carry case. However this time it is quite a bit more powerful, in fact it is 50% more powerful than the last.

It has 750lb of pulling power and with this you will be able to pull out some of the bigger finds with ease.

I recommend this magnet for anyone who is looking to upgrade from a smaller magnet.

Best magnet #4

Now we are getting into the serious kit territory. The magnets from this point on are big and very strong.

The one below is an absolute monster with a colossal 1200lb of pulling force. Nearly any find that you come across will fall to this beast and it will see you right for a very long time.

It comes with a carry box, rope and a bottle of thread lock so you do not lose your precious magnet.

I do not recommend this magnet to someone who is new to the hobby or has no experience of handling strong magnets. When I first held one with this amount of power it took me by surprise. It really will grab any ferrous metal around you purposely or accidentally, for this reason it is the best magnet for someone with experience.

Check out the current price on Amazon by clicking the below image.

Best magnet #5 (the beast) The most powerful fishing magnet

Ok I want to start this one with a small disclaimer! This is no amateur magnet, this is a brutal bit of kit and will snap your fingers for breakfast if you are not careful with it.

If you are just getting into the hobby please do not buy it unless you are sure of what you are doing. At the time of writing this is the most powerful magnet for magnet fishing.

It has an absolutely incredible pulling force of 2600lb (let that sink in for a minute!) and is double sided.

You will get the essential carry box, gloves, rope, eyebolt and also thread lock.

This is in my opinion the magnet for magnet fishing if you are experienced in the hobby. You will never need to upgrade again with this magnet as it is capable of hauling every find you will come across.

If you would like to see the price of this insane magnet click the image below to see the Amazon listing.


There is such a large selection of different magnets out there to choose from the above are just a selection of the ones that I think are the best.

The best magnet for you is the one that you feel comfortable with. Think about how much power you are reasonably going to need and how much budget you have to spend and then get one around that.

My advice though is to make sure the one that you get is neodymium, this is a must. I highly recommend getting one with a safety carry case. I have had experience of accidentally trapping my fingers whilst transporting it!

Whatever magnet you choose I wish you the best of luck and hope that you have a happy magnet fishing adventure with plenty of finds.

If you have a minute why not check out my ultimate magnet fishing guide. It will give you all of my favourite tips.