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This Is The Magnet Fishing Kit And Equipment That You Need.

A photo of some essential magnet fishing kit.

When it come to magnet fishing there are so many different sellers now popping up to sell their magnet fishing kit.

Some of it is pretty rubbish really and because of this it is important to make sure that you stick with magnet fishing kit that has been tried and tested.

The perfect magnet fishing setup.

I have decided to make this kit page and fill it with some of my favourite products that have been tested. This way you can buy in confidence knowing that you will get the real deal instead of cheap junk.

You will have the perfect magnet fishing setup to get you started in this amazing hobby.

My recommended magnet for magnet fishing.

To start off with I am going to recommend you  my favourite magnet, which is obviously an essential part of your magnet fishing kit!

Now this is special in the fact that it is of excellent quality and is sold as a nearly full kit meaning that you do not need to get much more to be ready.

The magnet has the perfect amount of needed to be able to pull up pretty much any find that you will make. It is obviously neodymium so will not shatter like some of the cheaper ferrite magnets.

The rope that comes with it is of great quality and there is enough of it to be able to cast out far enough into the water.

One of my favourite features is the safety carry case that it comes in. This stops you from sticking the magnet accidentally to anything whilst transporting it around. I have had mine attach to the car trunk floor before and it was not fun trying to pry it off. The carry case makes sure that this cannot happen.

If you would like to check the current price that it is available at click the picture below. I think you will be surprised how affordable it is.

Recommended gloves for magnet fishing.

One of the most essential pieces of magnet fishing kit is our gloves.

The metal we pull out can often be sharp and very dirt. It is easy to cut your hands and get an infection.

With this in mind it is very important to get a pair of cut proof and waterproof gloves to protect our hands.

The ones below are from Amazon and are really cheap for how good they are. I have had the same pair for quite some time now.

Click the image to check out the price.

The best grappling hook for magnet fishing.

A grappling hook may not be totally essential for your magnet fishing trips but they really are great to have just in case.

There have been a few times that I have been pulling in a big and awkward frame like a motorcycle frame and the magnet keeps slipping off at a crucial time.

The idea is that once you have pulled the find so far in with the magnet you can then throw out the grappling hook. This will then hook onto the find and allow you to pull it the rest of the way in.

Not essential but a damn good tool to have with you take it from me. If you have the spare funds I highly recommend that you get one and give it a try.

The one below is quite a reasonable price and has better quality hooks on it. Some of the cheaper ones have hooks that actually bend and misshape which can be very frustrating! It is also made of stainless steel so you don’t have to worry about it rusting and rotting after a couple of trips to the river.

Click the image to check out the price on Amazon.

Recommended rope for magnet fishing.

If you decide to purchase a magnet that does not come as a kit your going to need some rope to tie to it.

Good quality rope or paracord is an essential bit of kit because it is what keeps us connected with our expensive magnets. It need to be strong enough to withhold a find and also not one that rots from the murky waters.

Magnet fishing ropes generally come in 3 different thicknesses 6mm, 8mm and 10mm. I personally find that 8mm is perfect for the job. 6 is a little to thin and 10 seems a bit to thick.

The one below is one that I have used in the past and I found it to be great.

Click the image of you would like to see its current price.

Recommended multi tool for magnet fishing.

Again having a multi tool with you when you go magnet fishing is not totally essential, but I would rather be prepared for anything.

There has been a few times where I have found my magnet and rope has been snagged onto old rope or discarded fishing line. This can lead to a lost magnet if you cannot cut away the snag.

It can also be a godsend for when you accidentally attach your magnet to the underside of a steel bridge and need to pry it off!

The one below is really nice and will be perfect for when the time comes that you need to use it.


The above all represent my recommended and essential magnet fishing kit.

They are all quality items and I am sure that if you choose them you will see why I have recommended them to you.

Choosing your magnet fishing kit from recommended products will save you from making the mistakes i did when I was learning and wasting my money on rubbish equipment.

Why not check out my ultimate guide to magnet fishing next, I give all my favourite tips away in there,