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How To Tie The Best Magnet Fishing Knot With Pictures.

A photo of a magnet fishing knot

We all know that our most important bit of magnet fishing equipment is our magnet. For a start it is the most expensive and without it we cannot even magnet fish.

That is why it is really essential that we connect it to our rope with a strong knot. With that in mind this guide is going to show you how to tie the best knot for magnet fishing.

Once that you have mastered it you will not lose another magnet ever. It is the best knot to use and is used by everyone I know that goes magnet fishing. What’s more it is very small and neat which means that there is a lot less chance of it snagging on things.

What is the best knot for magnet fishing?

Without a doubt the best knot for magnet fishing is the Palomar knot. This is because it is one of them knots that actually tighten on themselves under pressure, so when you are pulling a heavy find in, the knot will tighten instead of slipping. 

The Palomar know is a very strong knot and it is a knot that I know a lot of magnet fishers use, myself included.

It can seem a little tricky to tie at first but with a little practice and help from the diagrams and video below you will get it.

How to tie the Palomar knot for a fishing magnet.

The below diagram will show you step by step how to tie your fishing magnet to your rope using the Palomar knot. I will then show you an animated gif that gives a perfect example and next a live video from your showing how to tie it.

Here is the diagram of how to tie a Palomar knot for magnet fishing.

A diagram showing how to tie a Palomar knot
This is how to tie the Palomar knot for connecting your rope to the magnet.

I found it a little tricky still using the diagram so below is the gif. It should help you quite a bit as it is really well described.

A gif showing how to tie a strong Palomar knot
This easy to watch gif shows how to tie a Palomar knot.

Also just in case you need more help here is a really good video on YouTube that actually shows the Palomar knot being tied to the eyebolt of a fishing magnet, enjoy.

Now that you have a really good magnet fishing knot you are well set to get started. However there is one more tip that I want to share with you so that you do not lose a magnet like I have seen many others do.

Using loctite to secure your magnet.

This next step is as important as tying a good knot. Without doing it there is a very good chance that you may lose your prized magnet.

The eyebolt where you have tied your knot is only usually screwed into the magnet and this is a weak spot. They can undo easily through action no matter how tight you get it.

To stop this from happening and losing your kit you should squirt a little loctite onto the thread of the eyebolt. This will stop it from accidentally undoing when being used.

The video below shows you how to apply Loctite to your eyebolt and magnet.


You are all set now with the best knot there is for magnet fishing. Give it a couple of tries until you manage to get it really nice and tight.

You will not lose any of your equipment through the failure of this knot.

I hope you have all got something from and enjoyed this guide and if you have why not check out our magnet fishing guide

Good luck and stay safe.